With the new SAP Solution Manager 7.2 providing more features for use in the IT Support area for enhancing, automating and improving the management of SAP, Our team possess the following skills in making sure that we use Solution manager effectively to monitor the SAP landscape. Nordia ensures that Solution manager integration with other systems bringing automation & efficiency in the tool monitoring making SM a mission critical system and not just for the SM key generation!  

  • Solution Manager implementation
  • Integrating other systems to SM
  • LMDB setup and configuration
  • Solution Manager diagnostics (SMD) Setup
  • CHARM setup and configuration
  • Mobile Alert & System monitoring
  • Setup project solutions for landscape
  • SM upgrades & Maintenace
  • CUA & CTS+ configuration using solman
  • Service Desk configuration
  • MOPZ setup & configuration

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How SAP Solution Manager benefits you and your organization 

SAP has even included a tool, SAP Solution Manager, to assist with your projects and has the capabilities to optimize your IT processes, minimize manual effort, reduce operating costs, and introduce new business functions easily.

SAP Solution Manager enables Agile Innovation 

 SAP has made it easier for users to understand changes being made to their landscape with best in class Change Management and Testing tools. These tools provide full traceability, from requirements to deployment, and coordinate all changes across your SAP landscapes. Establishing a single source of truth between Project Management and Change Management has never been easier 

SAP Solution Manager helps with the deployment and operations of SAP S/4HANA 

With the latest release, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides support for Digital Transformation allowing for new functionalities and simplifies the implementation and operation of SAP S/4HANA. The latest release also fully supports SAP S/4HANA on the business data platform which creates a standardized view of your entire SAP software infrastructure. 

  • 20mins) 

SAP Solution Manager leverages on the latest HTML standards with SAP Fiori 

Built from the ground up with SAP Fiori user experience guidelines, SAP Solution Manager utilizes the Fiori launchpad and plays a key role in how you interact with applications and configuration options. This brand new interface facilitates a platform-independent, modern user interface with role-based access to the functional areas of SAP Solution Manager. With SAP Fiori, you can access your other native SAP Fiori applications within a HTML5 capable browser or add SAP Web Dynpro applications, SAP CRM WebClient UI, and web applications straight into SAP Solution Manager. 

Features are great, but they need to be able to translate into real world usage. BNSF Railway Company adopted SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and has reported significant reduce in effort and cost: 

  • 50% reduction in custom code modification effort 
  • 60% reduction in text execution effort 
  • 70% reduction in test scope 
  • 90% elimination of manual analysis
  • 95% reduction in transport analysis for test scope coverage (4 hours to 20 mins)