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The choice of which method to use in a project is just as important as the products applied or the required resources. A mature method speeds up the project, optimizes quality, minimizes friction loss and lowers the risk of unpredicted events, while guaranteeing required communication and outward transparency.

Our experience of 25 years helps us to develop not only high-quality products but also the methods to go with them. These include project methods, bundling products and consulting services in solutions, as well as optional solution assessment during the project development phase.

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Managed Support

SAP Managed Services can comprise a variety of solutions to help you optimize your SAP landscape for greater efficiency. They can improve your business processes, workflow, and data security. This article will provide you with some guidance on how to choose your SAP

Migration Service

The SAP Database Migration Factory program helps simplify and accelerate adoption of SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud, and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud for customers running a legacy SAP HANA database or any third-party data platform on premise or in the cloud.


SAP Security is a balancing act for protecting the SAP data and applications from unauthorized use and access. SAP offers different tools, processes and measures for security check to protect these data. SAP security helps to ensure that users can only use the functionality of SAP which is a part of their job

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