SAP Monitoring

The SAP architecture is complex and is composed of a number of disparate elements and multi-tiered applications. Each element must be performing optimally to ensure responsive, reliable service levels. Managing such a complex system is a very daunting task, which is why the use of a robust tool for SAP monitoring is absolutely essential. 

SMS identifies SAP performance monitor rectifies this problem by helping users identify the root cause of a problem, aiding in faster troubleshooting, making the process much simpler. Some of the benefits that you can gain from using the SAP monitor:



Automatically creates performance profile & statistics by measuring response time 24 / 7 by diagnostics, determines system baselines & metrics and normal ranges with a smart algorithm without needing any fixed thresholds.   

Graphically presents performance statistics on dashboards and visualizes load balancing on servers. 

When a performance degradation & slowdown occurs it detects root cause, user / program which caused the issue , then sends a detailed alert. Helps to troubleshoot SAP performance problems. 


Receive instant critical alert when SAP server shuts down or there is a network & connectivity problem, system crash & failure, failed or stopped process on operating system.  Checks server status / availability, makes ping test online to servers every minute.  Minimizes unplanned downtime, system & service outages 


Receive instant alert / notifications when a scheduled SAP batch job terminated, cancelled or not completed & running very long time duration,  A critical SAP ABAP background job failed or produced error / dump.  System Guard controls SAP basis job statuses as in SAP transaction SM37, reads job logs also checks work processes (SM50). 

According to the auto created statistics on cloud for jobs, it creates less and critical alerts then SAP CCMS (RZ20) and SAP Solution Manager. 


Monitor server health in real-time, get alerts when there is a hardware fault, server problem, infrastructure issue.  Monitor hardware status like CPU, RAM /Memory, Disc / Hard Drive, RAM on base OS. 


Beside making disaster recovery and business continuity plans, make proactive monitoring on SAP systems & infrastructure to prevent any disasters from happening. Be aware before file system & storage fills up or a capacity issue happens. 

Easily follow growth on log files, database growth, regular backups, OS level files according to the automatically created baselines and smart metrics.  Get alerts when something is out of normal ranges. 

SMS Key Features 

  • Understand and act on high-risk access 
  • Minimize the impact of insider threats 
  • Improve compliance by detecting changes 
  • Remote monitoring on mobile device 
  • Real-time customizable alerts via mobile notifications & emails 
  • Reporting tools & Health check reports 
  • Budget friendly & economical monitoring SaaS service on cloud. 
  • Easy installation as a SAP plug-in - No VPN / Tunnel required 
  • HANA & S4/HANA compliant monitoring tool 
  • Works easily with on-premise / cloud, hybrid environments