your Journey to RISE with SAP with Nordia RISE+ 

RISE with SAP is a compelling solution for modern Enterprises running SAP who want to convert their existing software licenses to a subscription model and leverage SAP for a complete managed service. The challenge to adopting RISE with SAP is that it is designed as a platform for SAP S/4HANA only. Typical SAP landscapes have a rich and tightly integrated environment of SAP, non-SAP and legacy SAP components that will never move to SAP S/4HANA yet are essential to the operation of the business. 


  • Simple – One partner to move all required systems and manage the transition to RISE with SAP with security and business continuity solutions included and operational alignment across customer’s SAP and non-SAP applications. 
  • Flexible – Ability to scale infrastructure up and down dynamically and enable new agile ways of working. 
  • Efficient – Minimized network latency between systems communicating with each other through the migration of non-SAP supported applications to the same hyperscale platform as SAP S/4HANA. 

Accessible – Easy access from RISE with SAP to Cloud-Native technologies (i.e., such as Redshift, Synapse or Big Query) working through established SAP integration (BTP).

What is RISE with SAP? 

RISE with SAP is a new go-to-market offering announced by SAP. It is an additional drive by SAP to cloud. RISE with SAP is a subscription service offering that combines a set of products and services. The main component of Rise with SAP is S/4 HANA Cloud edition, which allows customers’ cloud infrastructures to run in a SAP data centre or with a hyperscaler of choice. 

What are its components? 

The bundle offers five main components for customers to build an Intelligent Enterprise. 

  • S/4 HANA Cloud Editions 
  • Tools and Services for Technical Migration 
  • SAP Business Technology Platform 
  • Business Process Intelligence 
  • SAP Business Network Starter Pack