Why SAP customers choose Google Cloud:

According to the IDC: Business Value of Google Cloud for SAP Environments report, Google Cloud customers:

  • Saw 46% lower cost of operations by running equivalent SAP environments on Google Cloud;
  • Enabled IT infrastructure, database, and security teams to work 56% more efficiently and effectively;
  • Minimized productivity and revenue losses by 98% associated with unplanned outages; and
  • Achieved three-year benefits of $4.8 million per organization based on infrastructure cost savings, staff efficiencies, and employee productivity and revenue gains as described
  • Plan: Execute seamless business transformations that deliver all of the benefits of modern, cloud-native applications and services—quickly, economically, and without disrupting day-to-day operations
  • Migrate: Move your critical business systems to the cloud, in order to lock in OpEx savings and refocus your IT teams on strategic business technology initiatives
  • Operate: Substantially reduce cost, get close to zero-downtime reliable operations and increase business and IT flexibility through a focus on continuous improvement in the operations of your SAP systems
  • Innovate:  Augment existing business systems with cloud capabilities in AI, ML, and analytics
  • Google Cloud recently announced an expanded partnership with SAP to help customers run their business-critical SAP workloads at a global scale on Google Cloud. Through our new partnership with Google Cloud, Lemongrass aims to significantly accelerate SAP migrations for enterprise customers.

Planning your SAP Migration to Google Cloud

  • Building the Business Case
  • Proof of Concept
  • SAP Landscape Assessment
  • SAP on Cloud Exploratory Workshop

Migrating SAP Applications to Google Cloud

  • Minimizing downtime – homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations
  • Optimized migration
  • Strengthen SAP security
  • Migrating to SAP S/4HANA

Operating SAP Applications to Google Cloud

  • Improve Monitoring and Self-Service with Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP)
  • DevOps for SAP
  • Continuous financial improvement Southwire migrates SAP in 22 hours with zero impact on revenue


wire and cable manufacturer Southwire migrated its SAP environment to Google Cloud over a weekend with only 16 hours of downtime. Now, after a year in production, Southwire is taking advantage of increased flexibility, scalability, and security while spending less time on routine infrastructure maintenance.

Reduce risk with granular security and high availability

Increase security and performance with Google’s premium global network, where your data isn't transferred over public networks and is encrypted by default both at rest and in transit. Support SAP applications with significantly reduced downtime with live migration allowing configuration changes without delay and continuous hardware maintenance without forced outage windows.

  • Target Architecture – Leveraging SAP, Google, and Lemongrass Best Practices, we design a Target Architecture for your SAP on Google Cloud. This includes Product Versions, Sizing, Layouts, High-Availability, Disaster Recovery, Backup and Restore, and Uptime designs
  • IaaS Run Cost Model – Based on the Target Architecture and any other agreements with Google Cloud, we create a 3-year IaaS Cost Model for the landscape
  • Migration Approach – We work with you to select the appropriate migration approach per SAP system to balance downtime duration, cost, and transformation objectives
  • Migration Plan – The migration approaches are combined with key milestones to generate a migration schedule with a supporting migration cost
  • Target Operating Model – Based on your partner strategy, the Target Operating Model shows which capabilities need to be in place, and delivered by which party, in order to successfully manage the landscape on Google Cloud
  • Operate Run Costs – The ongoing costs to manage SAP on Google Cloud, based on the Target Operating Model
  • Further Advice – We identify additional recommendations to help prepare and execute your migration to Google Cloud