SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a design system that enables you to create business apps with a consumer-grade user experience, turning casual users into SAP experts with simple screens that run on any device. By using the SAP Fiori design guidelines and tools that we use at SAP, you can easily build and customize your own apps that are consistent with what we ship with SAP S/4HANA and our other enterprise software solutions. 

  • Improve user satisfaction while increasing productivity and data quality 
  • Work from anywhere with optimized native mobile and responsive Web apps 
  • Adapt and scale development quickly using UI flexibility and rapid development 


Innovate new solution 

The SAP Fiori design system gives you the templates, tools, and guidelines to create beautiful enterprise apps that users will love. By using SAP Fiori, you can help ensure that your app designs are consistent across all devices. 

Achieve your business goals 

SAP Fiori apps can speed onboarding and reduce training time. With simple and intuitive screens, based on how people work, users can get their work done faster and more accurately with greater satisfaction. 

Build better and faster apps 

SAP Fiori tools, technologies, and templates can accelerate how you build, test, and deploy enterprise applications using your favorite development framework. With SAP Fiori, you can provide a consistent user experience across your apps. 

We do  

  • Help you decide the various types and list of SAP FIORI Apps required for your business 
  • Develop & Deploy required SAP FIORI Apps 
  • Install, Maintain & Support your SAP FIORI installation 

SAP Fiori Transaction Apps 

These apps can be created for any transactional activity that involves creating, changing, or approving processes. 

Some examples of these apps are: 

  • Leave Request 
  • Travel Request 
  • Create Purchase Requisition 
  • Create Billing Document 
  • Manage Credit Accounts

SAP Fiori Analytics Apps 

These apps provide business information and the ability to analyze and evaluate strategic or operational KPIs in real time. 

Analysis can be done on a large volume of data in a simplified front-end. These Apps combine the data and analytical power of SAP HANA with the integration and interface components of SAP Business Suite. 

Some examples of these apps are: 

  • Cashflow Analyzer 
  • Foreign Exchange Overview 
  • Liquidity Forecast 
  • Sales Management Overview 
  • Manage Credit Accounts

SAP Fiori Factsheet Apps 

These apps are used to view essential contextual information or a 360-degree view of specific central objects used in business operations. 

  • Factsheet Apps display master data or business documents from your S/4HANA application. 
  • You can call fact sheet apps from the search results displayed in SAP Fiori launchpad, from other fact sheets, or from transactional and analytical apps. 
  • A Debit Memo Request is a factsheet app that displays net value, billing status, related invoices and related sales orders. 

Why should you consider SAP Fiori? 

  • Role-based - Designed for you, your needs, and your style of work.
  • Adaptive  - Adapts to multiple use cases and devices. 
  • Simple - Clean UX with only necessary information. 
  • Coherent - provides a fluid and intuitive experience.
  • Delightful  - Makes an emotional connection
  • Technology  - SAPUI5, iOS, Android and browser based device.