With over 10 years of experience working with enterprise customers move their large mission-critical SAP workloads to the Cloud, Nordia has the capability to significantly enhancing your SAP on AWS experience. With a deep technical understanding of SAP and a highly experienced team, we incorporate best practices from SAP into all of our migrations and managed services to deliver the key benefits of AWS

New Stratergy

  • New strategic collaboration between SUSE and AWS outlines shared programs and investment areas that will help ensure smoother migration of customers' SAP landscapes to AWS
  • Collaboration will bring innovation to customers faster, helping them leverage the power of the cloud at the pace they need

Why SAP Customers Choose Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Cost– Reduce SAP total cost of ownership today and into the future
  • Inovation– Use AWS as your platform of innovation to modernize business processes, build new products, and re-imagine your customer experience
  • Automation – Automate deployment and operations to deliver consistent results and free up resources to focus on value-adding activities
  • Performance – Improve SAP application performance with the largest selection of Cloud-native, SAP-certified instances from 256GB to 24TB
  • Security– Strengthen your security posture, simplify compliance, and automate routine security tasks
  • Analytics – Uncover deeper insights from your SAP data to improve operational efficiency and innovate faster
  • Partner community – Gain the experience, tooling, methods, and best practices of the largest SAP Cloud partner community to streamline your migration or transformation

Planning your SAP to AWS Migration

  • Building the Business Case
  • Proof of Concept
  • SAP Landscape Assessment
  • Migration Readiness Assessment

Migrating SAP to AWS

  • Minimizing Downtime
  • Optimized Migration
  • Strengthen SAP Security
  • Migrating to SAP S/4HANA

To get you started, we offer a Migration Assessment that allows you to kick-start your journey to the Cloud. This offering includes a series of deep dives, from which we produce the following to help you complete your Business Case:

  • Target Architecture – Leveraging SAP, AWS, and Lemongrass Best Practices, we design a Target Architecture for your SAP on AWS. This includes Product Versions, Sizing, Layouts, High-Availability, Disaster Recovery, Backup and Restore, and Uptime designs.
  • IaaS Run Cost Model – Based on the Target Architecture and any other agreements with AWS, we create a 3-year IaaS Cost Model for the landscape.
  • Migration Approach – We work with you to select the appropriate migration approach per SAP system to balance downtime duration, cost, and transformation objectives.
  • Migration Plan – The migration approaches are combined with key milestones to generate a migration schedule with a supporting migration cost.
  • Target Operating Model – Based on your partner strategy, the Target Operating Model shows which capabilities need to be in place, and delivered by which party, in order to successfully manage the landscape on AWS.
  • Operate Run Costs – The ongoing costs to manage SAP on AWS, based on the Target Operating Model.
  • Further Advice – We identify additional recommendations to help prepare and execute your migration to AWS.